MGA CON 2018

Bringing action and adventure to Middle Georgia! February 17th & 18th 2018

About MGA Comic Con

Middle Georgia Comic Convention is owned and operated by Heroes & Villains Comics and Games located in Warner Robins GA.

This is MGA Con’s first annual Comic Convention. MGA Con has a variety of events dealer’s room, artist alley, panels, workshops, and a costume contest.

MGA Con’s Mission

Our mission is to provide a venue for true comic book fans to come together from every walk of life in an environment that is fun and friendly; promote the skills and talents associated with art and writing in the comic industry and showcase the medium in movies and videogames.

Registration & Membership

MGA Con Membership is admission to the convention. We offer two types of Membership:

  • Pre-Registration will take place at our local events and online.
  • On Site Registration during the convention at the Convention Center

Please note that these memberships grant access to every convention event except those requiring a separately purchased ticket.

Pre-Registered Memberships

Pre-registered memberships cover both days of the convention.  Pre-registered memberships do not have separate pricing for children ages 12 and under.

All Pre-Registration online:

To Pre-Register ONLINE

To Register online

Dealer/Artist Registration ONLINE

To Register online

Vendor Questions?

Call us at:
Eileen Burkholder  (478) 397-6337
Bud Circle (478) 321-9193
Kyle Yentzer (478) 256-7758

Email us at

Walk-In Memberships

Walk-in memberships are only available for purchase at the convention. Attendees may purchase a pass after completing a walk-in form. Badges may be purchased anytime at the convention during Registration’s operating hours. 

Where? When? How Much? & More!

Where? Registration is located in the lobby of the Anderson Conference Center


Friday, February 16, 2018 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday, February 17, 2018 9:00am – 11:00pm

Sunday, February 18, 2018 9:00am – 5:00pm

How Much?**

Pre-Registered Membership:  $15  for 2-Day Badge  

Walk-In Membership** (ages 13 and up):

Two-Day         Saturday/Sunday                                        $15.00

**Children ages 12 and under are admitted free of charge, up to two children admitted free with each adult membership purchase.

Admittance is free for disabled military veterans.

Only two-day badges are available for purchase on Friday, February 16, 2018.

Accepted Forms of Payment:

  • Online pre-registration may be paid via credit or debit card, or PayPal.
  • Walk-in registration may be paid via cash, or credit or debit card. (Please have your ID ready when paying with check or card.)

Accepted Forms of Photo ID (include, but are not limited to):

Driver’s License                   State-Issued ID

Military ID                              Passport

Student/College ID

Have comments or questions about Registration? Contact us!


Pre-Registration Memberships may be purchased online until February 16, 20178

**After completing the online process, a confirmation email is sent to the email address provided. Please bring this confirmation and a photo ID to Registration when picking up your badge.


MGA memberships are transferable, not refundable. If you have pre-registered for a membership and cannot attend, you may request a transfer of your membership. Memberships may be transferred from person to person, or once to the following year. Memberships do not automatically transfer to the following year if you do not attend. You must notify us for year to year transfers. No transfers will occur during the convention. Any transfers not completed prior to the convention will be processed afterward provided you have emailed us the request. All unused memberships are subject to verification.


Have a mistake regarding your membership? Let us know ASAP.

Badge Pickup

Badge pickup is at Registration

Pre-registered Memberships

Pre-registered memberships may be acquired anytime beginning Friday evening at Registration prior to the official start of the convention. Pre-registered minors who do not possess a photo ID need to bring their confirmation letter/email and also be accompanied by an adult guardian with photo ID in order to pick up their badge.

  • Individuals must present their confirmation letter/email and photo ID in order to receive their badge.

Walk-In Memberships

Walk-Ins may be purchased beginning Friday evening at Registration prior to the official start of the convention, and require a completed walk-in form for every badge purchased. Forms will be available in the Walk-In Registration line. To ensure faster processing, please have your form(s) and payment ready when you arrive at the window. Be prepared to return to the back of the line if you have not filled out the walk-in form upon reaching the Registration window.Photo ID is not required for walk-in transactions unless paying by check or credit card.

Registration & Memberships

What is a membership? Is it the same as admission?

An MGA Con Membership is admission to the convention.

What types of memberships do you have and how do I pay for them?

See the Registration page for information.

Will I be able to purchase a membership after the cutoff date?

If you have not pre-registered by the deadline and want to attend, you must purchase a walk-in membership at the convention.

I live outside the United States and want to attend MGA. How can I pay for a membership?

For those living outside the U.S., we ask that you use our online method for pre-registering, or purchase a walk-in membership at the convention.

Why do you need names for everyone pre-registering for MGA?

We maintain a list of everyone who has pre-registered. We use this list in printing a badge for every attendee. To ensure everyone who pre-registers receives a badge, we must make sure that names for everybody are included on the forms.

What is a Confirmation Email?

A confirmation email is an electronic notification sent to online pre-registrants confirming that their membership has been accepted and processed. Be sure to print your confirmation email. Your confirmation email and a photo ID will be required to pick up your badge.

Are there different rates for children on the pre-registered forms?

No. Discounted rates are only offered for children on the walk-in membership rate.

I purchased a membership and won’t be able to attend. What can I do?

If you have pre-registered, and will not be able to attend, send an email to and request a transfer. Memberships can be transferred to another person or to the following year. If you decide to transfer your membership to another person, we will need their name and email address to make the changes. If you transfer to the next year, you will receive a new confirmation email. Memberships do not automatically transfer. You must contact us to request a transfer. Memberships are non-refundable.

MGA Con’s Registration Policy

  • Limit one badge per attendee. Attendees are not permitted to register for additional badges. Anyone purchasing extra badges for themselves forfeits any and all prior purchases to MGA to be used at our discretion.
  • Lost badges can only be replaced by the purchase of a new badge at the full walk-in price.
  • Admission pricing may change at any time, without notice, at the convention’s discretion.
  • Badges may not be sold/transferred to another individual once they have been picked up from Registration.
  • MGA does not issue refunds.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian with an appropriate badge.
  • MGA does not sell/provide Parent Passes.
  • Pre-registered attendees must present their photo ID AND confirmation letter in order to receive their badge.
  • Badge transfers may be made from person to person, or year to year.
  • Current year transfers must be made in advance of the pre-registration deadline, or after the convention. Any transfer needed between the pre-registration deadline and end of the convention will NOT be processed until after the convention. Registration does not have to honor any transfer requests made between the badge purchase deadline and the convention.
  • Year to year badge transfers may be made to the next consecutive year only once. All transfers must be made/requested within three months of the convention’s conclusion. Unused membership reminders will be sent out within 30 days after the convention.
  • Nicknames must meet MGA Registration criteria. Any names not meeting the following criteria will be changed/removed at our discretion.
    • Names must be reasonable in length
    • Names cannot be offensive, of sexual nature, promoting any illegal substance/activity
    • Names must use English lettering
    • Walk-in attendees must complete a walk-in form in its entirety and sign the attached liability waiver before a badge can be purchased.
    • Accepted forms of payment: cash, credit, and money order. Photo ID is required for all transactions not made completely in cash.
    • MGA makes every reasonable attempt to reunite lost items with their proper owners. Any items remaining in the possession of MGA Lost & Found for more than six months will be donated.
    • MGA reserves the right to refuse service for any reason deemed appropriate.
    • MGA reserves the right to change, or otherwise amend Registration policies with, or without notice.
    • MGA reserves the right to refuse service for any reason deemed appropriate.

Required: you must contact us in advance if you are unable to attend. The MGA Con memberships DO NOT automatically transfer to the following year if you do not attend. PLEASE NOTE: PRE-REGISTERED MGA CON MEMBERSHIPS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE!