MGA CON 2017

Bringing action and adventure to Middle Georgia! February 18th & 19th 2017

About MGA Comic Con

Middle Georgia Comic Convention is owned and operated by Heroes & Villains Comics and Games located in Warner Robins GA.

This is MGA Con’s first annual Comic Convention. MGA Con has a variety of events dealer’s room, artist alley, panels, workshops, and a costume contest.

MGA Con’s Mission

Our mission is to provide a venue for true comic book fans to come together from every walk of life in an environment that is fun and friendly; promote the skills and talents associated with art and writing in the comic industry and showcase the medium in movies and videogames.



An illustrator, comic artist, concept artist, storyboard artist and writer; Tom Biondolillo has worked on graphic novels, toys, games for products and properties including: Star Wars, Aliens, Predator, Aliens vs. Predator, Dungeons and Dragons/Dragonlance, Myst, Duke Nuk'em, Crucible, Vampire VTES, Mage, Scion, Swords and Sorcery, Steam Punk, FRAG, Cardboard Heroes, The Weird West, Shadow Run, Legends of the Five Rings, Legends of the Seven Seas, and Legends of the Burning Sands, among others. He's done work for companies the likes of Artisan Entertainment, Hasbro, Resaurus Toys, Palisades Toys, TSR Inc., Wizards of the Coast, Dark Horse, Caliber Comics, Desperado Press, CCP/White Wolf, Alderac Entertainment Group, Steve Jackson Games, FASA, Artisan Entertainment, and Hasbro.

Kristina Deak-Linsner

Creative Editor/Artist- Kristina Deak-Linsner has brought her years of fine art experience in the west coast gallery scene over to the house that Dawn built at After begining her comics career at Dynamic Forces in the late 90's, she now uses her keen eye to help guide Linsner projects such as Sin Boldly, as well as Linsner's annual Dawn sketchbooks. (2011 to present). As Creative Editor on the current Dawn and Vampirella crossover, she brings her comics career full circle by working with Dynamite/Dynamic Forces once again.


Sam Ellis


Sam Ellis currently produces cartoons for Action Lab ENT as president of their Animation Division. 

He is also working on three creator owned books with anticipated releases under the Action Lab banner in 2017.

He has worked for a myriad of animation studios and publishers in a variety of positions from LA to Atlanta. Here are a few of the projects he has worked on: 

 Archer, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, The Awesomes, Frisky Dingo, Catbug and more. 

Sam also created and owns the collectable card game THROWDOWN™, which is now available from to Wal-Mart, featuring the characters from Nickelodeon's hit show Miraculous, the Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Sam graduated with his BFA in Sequential Art from The Savannah College of Art and Design in GA and received his Master's in Animation from Ball State University in IN.

He is a family man with two sons and a lovely wife, they have a dog named Stella.

Tom Feister - CANCELED

Being sick sucks.  We wish you and your family a speedy recovery.

Tom Feister has worked for every major comic book publisher at some point over the last decade, on titles such as GI JOE, IRON-MAN, FANTASTIC FOUR, EX-MACHINA, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES, and more. His animation work includes being the lead character designer on Hulu’s THE AWESOMES. Tom has various projects in the pipeline he can’t tell you about just yet, but he’s only too happy to point out that his luxurious mane of hair is the envy of dozens.

Don Hilsman II


A professional penciller and inker. He has worked for comic book companies such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, CrossGen, Dark Horse Comics, Caliber Comics and others. Started drawing and skateboarding s at an early age. Had 2 fantastic kids,couple of dogs,and an awesome snake. Likes Godzilla toys. Will work for Godzilla Bullmarks/Marusan vintage. Love that stuff. I like enjoying my existence when affordable. Love park/vert/street skating with friends. Like to talk to all people.

Joe Linsner

Joseph Michael Linsner is most well-known for writing, drawing and coloring the adventures of his creation Dawn, his personal Pin-Up Goddess.  An award winning Illustrator, Linsner has painted covers for all the major comics characters, including Wolverine, Black Cat (Claws), Killraven, Justice League, Conan, and Vampirella.  One of his proudest moments was getting to illustrate a short story written by Stan Lee for 'Actor Comics Presents.'  His current project is DAWN & VAMPIRELLA, which is Dawn's very first crossover.  The series helps celebrate Dawn's 25th year in print.  Facebook fan page - and on twitter @josephlinsner



Lili, (Destructivedoll Cosplay) has been cosplaying since 2009. She cosplays a range of characters from tv, anime, comics and video games, but is best known for her Austria (Hetalia), her Equestria Girls Fluttershy, and her Grand Galloping Gala Rarity. The last of which won her first place in her category and best in show at BronyCon 2015! She does the occasional YouTube video with her fiancé (Drowninginrice cosplay), and the two do a lot of beginners cosplay panels, as well as Cosplay on a Dime, character panels and Cosplay Body Image Panels. Outside of cosplay she utilizes the same skills to work in the real world as a seamstress, and often takes on commissions for people.

Tom Lyle - canceled

Lyle first came to prominence as penciler on DC Comics' Starman with writer Roger Stern. Lyle worked on the first Robin limited series with writer Chuck Dixon. The series had many re-printings of the first few issues as well as two sequel miniseries — Robin II: Joker's Wild and Robin III: Cry of the Huntress — by the same creative team. Dixon and Lyle co-created the Electrocutioner in Detective Comics #644 (May 1992) and Stephanie Brown in Detective Comics #647 (August 1992). At Marvel Comics, Lyle co-created the character Annex in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27 with writer Jack C. Harris. As penciler of Spider-Man, Lyle was one of the artists on the "Maximum Carnage" and "Clone Saga" storylines which ran through the Spider-Man titles. Lyle's other work for Marvel included The Punisher vol. 3 with writer John Ostrander and Warlock which he wrote himself. Since 2005, he has taught sequential art at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Moses Mosley

Moses is best known for playing the role of Michonne's iconic pet zombie on the hit show The Walking Dead. He has also been featured on other television shows and movies such as Necessary Roughness, Resurrection, The Internship, Single Ladies, "42", Trouble with the Curve and Second Generation Wayne's.

Bob Pendarvis

 Bob Pendarvis ceated and taught the first comic book illustration classes at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), going on to create and develop the school's comics-based BFA and MFA Sequential Art programs (the first in the country). Over the 19 years he taught at SCAD, Bob emphasized a humanistic, student-cenered approach to his classes, encouraging everyone to find their own unique solutions to various visual storytelling problems.

Afua richardson


Afua Richardson is an African / Native American comic book illustrator best known for her work in the pilot season winning mini series "Genius". Other works include X-men 92, Totally Awesome Hulk, Captain America and the mighty avengers, All Star batman and Attack on Titan for Kodansha . She is one of the artists on the new Black Panther World of Wakandafor Marvel .

 In addition to being a visual artist, she is a mentor, graphic designer, activist, singer, songwriter, voice actor, musician, and writer. As recipient for the Nina Simone award she has been called a  " modern day renaissance woman" and a " Jane of All trades".


Creator of the independent comic book CAVEWOMAN, published by Root’s company Basement Comics/Amryl Entertainment, Budd is one of the premiere contemporary “good girl” artists in the business and is a fan-favorite on the convention circuit.



Tracy Yardley! is a long time artist of the comic series "Sonic the Hedgehog," and "Sonic Universe" published by Archie comics. He is also co-creator and artist on the self published comic entitled Nate and Steve.  Tracy has worked on the various the Sonic the Hedgehog books since 2005 and has two volumes of the graphic novel series "Riding Shotgun" published by Tokyopop. The bi-monthly comic "Hero Cats of Stellar City," published by Action Lab Entertainment also features back-up stories by Tracy featuring the all-ages super-hero "Adventures of Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl."